Some sound advice!

This is the early stages of the vaccine season. All older adults are encouraged to consider at least three vaccines. They are for shingles, annual flu and COVID-19 (when it becomes available).

From what we have read it is best to spread out the receiving of the vaccines so all will not come due at the same time.

My wife and I got the first of two shingles shots in mid-August. You must then get a second shingles shot from two to six months later.

This means our second injection will be available starting in mid-October. In late September we received our annual flu shot. From what we have learned it takes several weeks for the annual flu vaccine to begin to have the full effect. so it is important to get it before the beginning of the flu season.

If we get the shingles and flu vaccines early, then if and when the COVID-19 vaccine becomes available there would not be any conflict. From all indications, the COVID-19 vaccine is nearing the end of clinical trials and hopefully the vaccine will be available soon.

In this issue we have our monthly lifestyle and wellness receipt by Almetria Turner and there is a book review of healthy receipts called “My Pinewood Kitchen.”

The article by Almetria and the book review are ways to help us seniors improve the quality of our life by making better choices for the foods we eat.

As I have mentioned before, I have macular degenerative eye disease and receive frequent treatments for this condition to keep from losing my central vision.

About every four to six weeks. I visit my retina specialist. While visiting the clinic, the lobby is always full of others also needing specialty care. Recently I got into an interesting conversation with my doctor about who their typical patient is.

He pointed out that most of their patients have diabetes that is now affecting their eyesight. He also pointed out that being obese is one of the leading indicators for someone developing diabetes.

After visiting with him and back in the lobby, I noticed there were 38 persons waiting to see one of the doctors. Every one of us was overweight.

Two were so overweight that they could not even fit in a chair. Fortunately, the waiting room had benches for their use. I’m going ahead with my New Year’s resolution now and have a more healthy diet.

What about you – will you join me?

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