As the sayings go, “elections have consequences” and “all politics is local.”

On Thursday, Aug. 4, state and federal primary elections and state and county general elections will be held. Memphis also is holding a special general election for municipal court judge on Aug. 4.

Early voting will begin July 15.

This is our chance to go to the polls and help make a difference.

How do we find out about who is running and what they stand for? Well, it used to be that all we had to do was look at the local daily newspaper and the three local television stations and we could find out all we needed to know.

Now, our daily print newspaper is a shell of its former self and readership continues to decline. There also are hundreds of television stations available and if we watch 24 hours each day, we will miss most local campaign messages.

There are still radio stations that provide local coverage, but with more than 40 local stations it is very difficult to get information on all candidates.

It appears to me a great place to see who is running is to look for their campaign ads in The Best Times. In this issue there are two candidates running for re-election in local races and in July there will be more.

These candidates have done their homework and know the power of The Best Times. In our July issue, we will publish a list of all local candidates.

According to our reader surveys, 78% of our readers vote in every election. With over 65,000 readers, that becomes a large voting bloc that candidates need to appeal to.

In addition, we have the capability of sending out thousands of email messages for specific candidates and the fee to send those messages is only .04 cents each.

We can send the email messages to virtually any demographic a candidate chooses. It can be by zip code, age, education, political party, homeowner, net worth etc. If political candidates know who they are appealing to, we can find their email address.

Social media is becoming a major source of contact for people running for a political office. If you, or someone you know, is running for a political office then suggest they post their messages in The Best Times. It could make a big difference in the final results.

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