Memphis, TN – Former Memphis City Councilman and Shelby County Commissioner Brent Taylor is pleased to announce the opening of his new funeral home - Brent Taylor / Paul B. McCarver Funeral Directors - located on Poplar Ave., directly behind the Blue Plate Café.

Taylor determined after 33 years in funeral service that funerals in the city of Memphis had grown way too expensive. He commissioned a market survey and verified that in fact…Funerals Cost Too Much.

Commissioner Taylor’s solution: a low cost funeral option where you don’t have to pay a funeral home; you simply hire a funeral director. “I’ve spent the last several months developing an innovative alternative to the big “corporate” funeral homes. When hiring a funeral director, you should only pay for what you need. The “big box” funeral homes have inflated prices to pay for large funeral home campuses,” said Taylor.

Brent Taylor / Paul B. McCarver Funeral Directors is a modest funeral location, specializing in church and graveside services, This allows families to save an average of $5,000 on the cost of a funeral.

“As many of you know, I have been engaged in this community for years. I served on the Memphis City Council and Shelby County Commission. You’ve known me as your councilman…You’ve known me as your commissioner…I would be honored for you to know me as your Funeral Director,” remarked Taylor.

“What you may not know, is that for the last fifteen years I’ve built my funeral company into one of the largest family owned funeral service providers in the Memphis area, serving nearly 600 families a year. All I can say is…Thank you.

“Thank you for allowing me to serve our community as an elected official. Thank you for allowing me to serve so many in our community who have faced funeral buying decisions. Thank you for helping me create a quality, low cost funeral option in Memphis!” concluded Commissioner Taylor.

For more information please call Brent Taylor / Paul B. McCarver Funeral Directors at 901-707-8115. Or, visit

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