Several months ago, my article on the increased availability of marijuana said some of our City Council members planned to encourage approval of the sale of the drug in Tennessee.

My article suggested that we wait and find out about the long-term effects now that marijuana it is readily available in other states.

Now we hear that some of our County Commissioners want to reduce the penalty for possession of small amounts of the drug.

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Strong evidence is already indicating some very harmful effects for some users. Several readers of The Best Times continue to send me information about the dangers posed by this drug.

Have these City Council and County Commission members really done their homework regarding the very harmful effects of marijuana use? Minor use may not present an immediate problem, but it is used as a “gateway drug” that leads to more powerful stimuli.

It seems that when some people get a high from recreational use they want to have an even bigger high and seek out more powerful drugs that are more addictive.

There has been some recent information about the dangers of occasional use. It appears that the strength of marijuana has increased and is becoming more addictive to some people. There was an example of some users who became so high on marijuana that they resorted to violence.

One example given involved a young man who murdered and dismembered his girlfriend while high and later did not even know what he had done.

Another example is a person who murdered and buried the body but later indicated he was not aware of his actions while high on marijuana. Further evidence also shows that with continued marijuana use a person who started using as a teenager would experience a loss of IQ of up to 5 to 8 points.

Just recently, the State of Illinois approved the sale of recreational marijuana and others are considering making it more available.

Males you wonder if some politicians have already lost some of their own IQ points.

James K. Grubbs is publisher of The Best Times

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