What a great time to be the printing business here in the Mid-South! Since Kroger no longer allows free publications to be placed in their stores, we have been redoing our distribution network.

So far, we have added over 80 new locations for our readers to locate their copy of The Best Times. And we are adding additional new locations daily. With the success of new locations, it appears that we will soon find it necessary to increase the number of issues we print monthly.

According to an article in a recent issue of Editor and Publisher magazine, more than 90% of all newspapers are now controlled by only six companies. And it appears that the public has become aware of the monopoly on news gathering and many are rejecting their coverage. It appears that most publications are in a self-destruct mode forcing the entire country to read their opinion of the news.

We know this is one reason The Best Times enjoys the popularity that it does because of the valuable and interesting information in every issue.

On a different subject – is it just me or has there been an increase in local traffic? My daily commute seems to take longer each week. I have also noticed an increase in out of state automobiles while in traffic. There seems to be quite a few cars from Texas, Georgia and Florida. Guess they have discovered the good life in our part of the country.

We’re delighted to announce a new initiative for 2020 sponsored by The Best Times that will honor 50 men and women over the age of 50 who are making a difference in our community each and every day. The Best Times 50 over 50 will celebrate the influencers, creators, connecters, game changers and difference makers in the Mid-South.

You can help identify these special honorees by nominating your favorite over 50 people who you believe are making our area better through their work, volunteerism, civic involvement religious or community engagement. Look for more details coming soon on how you can submit your nominations, and be thinking about those who deserve recognition for the passion and commitment they bring in doing what they love. We are partnering with two great organizations to help make this a very big success.

James K. Grubbs is publisher of The Best Times

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