Do you know anyone whose birthday is Dec. 25? I have several friends born that day. As a matter of fact, experts tell us 16 million people around the world were born on Dec. 25. So what’s so special about the fact Jesus was born on that day?

On Dec. 25, Christmas bells will ring out from New York City to London. Those bells will announce Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem. Let me ring out three words to you which summarize the reason for the season.

The first word is Come. Because Jesus came, you and I can come to Him. Daniel Webster said, “The greatest thing in my life is I can come to God. I realize one day I will stand before Him and I want to know Him now.”

The year was 1888. The railroad planned to build a bridge that would connect Memphis and Arkansas. The construction took four years. But finally, in 1892, the bridge was completed and the Mississippi River was spanned. The people in Memphis could go to Arkansas and the people there could come here.

Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem to span the gulf between God and man. The Lord Jesus was born on Dec. 25 so you and I could come to Him. That’s one reason for the season.

The second word is Become. Become what? Become a person with greater peace, more strength, deeper love, and a stronger purpose for living.

All you have to do is open your Bible to any of the four gospels and begin to read. Everyone— yes everyone—who came to Jesus and opened their hearts became a bigger and a better person. Peter was an unknown fisherman. He became a world-class leader and today people name their sons after him. Mary Magdalene was filled with demons. he became a beautiful, tender woman we still admire today.

I know a man who bought a new car. It had a voice warning system. “Your door is open, your seat belt is unfastened, your sunroof is open, etc.” After one month it was driving him crazy. He decided to pull the fuse and disable it. Three weeks later he ran out of gas!

Please don’t pull the fuse on God’s plan for your life. He has the power to help you become. The Bible says, “As many as receive Christ, to them God gives the power to become.”

The last word is Overcome. Not long ago, I was in a store looking for a gift. I noticed a talking picture frame. You look at the picture and hear a 10-second recorded message from that person. A clerk told me, “One of the best things about this frame is the battery is guaranteed to last 100 years!” I thought, “The person for whom I’m buying this gift is over 50 years old. Do they need the battery working when they are 150 years old?”

You see, I know I will die one day. So will you. We need Someone who can enable us to overcome death and get to heaven.

“Silent Night, Holy Night,

“Son of God, Loves Pure Light;

“Radiant beams from Thy Holy Face,

“With the dawn of redeeming grace;

“Jesus, Lord at Thy birth,

“Jesus, Lord at Thy Birth.”

That’s how to overcome!

Dr. Tom Lindberg is the Lead Pastor of First Assembly/Memphis at 8650 Walnut Grove)

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