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The Memphis Botanic Garden has announced it will undertake the next two steps in its campus modernization as part of its Nourish Greenprint: 2021 capital campaign.

First constructed in the 1960s, the first-ever renovation of the Grand Hallway on the west end of the visitors center will begin in January.

This space offers rental and meeting guests who use the Goldsmith Room a new pre-event space, vestibule and room entry. This project was designed by Memphis-based Fleming Architects. Construction will be completed under the guidance of Grinder Taber & Grinder.

When finished in May 2021, this space will offer an updated, inviting, light, airy space with completely renovated restrooms, updated meeting space, backroom improvements and more.

Installation of a new wayfinding signage package will also begin in January and be completed by midspring.

A comprehensive, coordinated series of directional and interpretive signage will be installed across all 96 acres, making it easier for members and guests to travel between each of the 30 individual gardens and to learn more about the garden spaces they are visiting.

In addition, new low-profile signage will be installed on Cherry Road at the entry to the Memphis Botanic Garden.

In September 2018, the Memphis Botanic Garden announced its Nourish Greenprint: 2021 capital campaign with a goal of raising $6 million to fund three primary focus areas for the campaign:

• Improvements to its infrastructure (select gardens, buildings, and grounds)

• Establishment of reserve funds to allow for future planning, innovation, and financial security

• Expansion of its education efforts from 40,000 to 52,000 school children a year.

Currently, 92% of the fundraising goal has been reached and over the past year, the Garden has undertaken and completed two major capital projects with funds from the campaign.

This includes a 20% expansion of parking capacity and the total renovation of its Visitors Center.

“Certainly, the pandemic has been a challenge to us operationally, however we have scrupulously kept separate and apart funds we raised for our capital campaign from operating dollars. And so, with the generous support of our community, we are pleased to be able to undertake these next two steps in our ongoing improvements to the Garden,” said Michael Allen, executive director of the Garden.

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