OK, I know in many ways I am old fashioned.

However, I try to be modern and up to date on a regular basis. We constantly add new and up-to-date changes to The Best Times.

Our articles are directed to younger seniors and we serve our communities with cutting-edge information every month.

We have added a sister publication, 50+Resource Guide, giving our readers valuable information. We also will be hosting five senior expo and health fairs in 2020. And, a very important new program will identify the top 50 people in our coverage area over the age of 50 who are making a significant difference.

I have two computers, one at home and another here at the office.

My first computer was purchased in 1983. I have a smartphone, send email messages frequently, have a Facebook page, a Twiter account, Instagram, Nextdoor, Alignable, Linkedin. Read several books each month, exercise daily. I am enrolled in a continuing education course, frequently speak to service clubs and other interested groups. And I drive a Ford Mustang convertible automobile.

Well, what am I old fashioned about?

It involves Christmas traditions.

I grew up with the understanding that you put up Christmas decorations after Thanksgiving and you must take them down before Jan. 1.

Retail stores started displaying Christmas decorations in early October and several of our neighbors kept on their Christmas decorations into late January.

Even Christmas programs at churches have changed.

It has to do with Christmas programs at most churches in this part of the country.

My wife and I attended three churches for their special Christmas music specials and we also watched several more on television.

It seems each year there is more and more contemporary music as opposed to normal Christmas music, music we grew up hearing.

At a family gathering during the holidays, our grandchildren wanted to sing some Christmas songs.

Their favorites were “O Little Town of Bethlehem,” “Silent Night” and “We Three Kings.” Not one single contemporary song was suggested.

Even though the concerts we attended had musicians from the Memphis Sympathy Orchestra they still performed many contemporary Christmas songs.

I noticed the audiences in each venue during the contemporary songs and very few people were singing. I also got the impression that the team leading the contemporary music was performing rather than leading worship.

It seems that the Beale Street Music Festival moved indoors for the Christmas season.

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