In our April edition a year ago, I made the prediction that the pandemic would end soon. Boy, was I taken to task by several readers. And they proved to be correct. So, now I am cautious about new predictions.

Even with my cautious approach, I see many hopeful signs that the pandemic may end soon.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 14% of the population in the United States has received the required number of vaccines.

And now, more and more states, including Tennessee, have begun vaccinating anyone over the age of 16. Now, the general population can reach herd immunity soon.

According to the CDC, when the vaccination rate approaches 70% and herd immunity kicks in, the virus can begin to go away. We sure hope so.

I personally have been on a campaign to ask everyone I come in contact with if they have received their vaccine. I chose people at random and many were on the elevator in our office building and some at the grocery store. I have asked at least 25 people and only one said he will not take the vaccine. And he is in the vulnerable age group.

His reasoning included not knowing how long the vaccines will be effective. He is in good health, plays golf every day, avoids crowds and wears a mask. He sounds cautious even though he is taking a great risk.

New vaccine sites have opened up and registration is very easy online. A telephone call will get you on the list. Then you will receive a phone call from the health department to get you registered.

The website to sign up is: Scroll down the page and you can find the closest location. There are now 30 vaccination sites available.

If you would like to be vaccinated now is your chance. You no longer have to wait.

You will receive a vaccination card and the CDC is recommending that you photograph your card as soon as you get it. Then keep it in a safe place. The CDC said that in the immediate future, you will need to be prepared to show your card to enter certain places.

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