By late March, more than 33 percent of the nation’s households had responded to the 2020 Census through the Internet or by telephone as a federal agency seeks to carry out its once a decade task to count the number of people who live in the United States and its territories.

The Census Bureau urges every household that received an invitation to file by the internet or telephone to do so. These results are being received and compiled.

Those households that that do not or cannot use computers or telephones to report their information will soon receive regular questionnaires to fill out and return by mail.

The coronavirus pandemic may temporarily delay the sending of census takers to households to collect the information in cases where people do not file their information. On March 18, the Census Bureau suspended its field operations.

The results of the 10-year censuses affect many things. The primary purpose is to determine how many members each state has in the U. S. House of Representatives. The numbers are also used in redrawing federal, state and local election districts.

Thus how much representation the place where you live receives on various elected bodies is determined by the census count.

The count also is used in distributing billions of federal dollars annually to states, counties and cities. And businesses use census data to determine where to locate their stores, plants and other operations.

The personal information collected in the census is kept confidential for 72 years. This personal information is a very valuable source of information for people who wish to trace the history of their family.

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