Dear Old Man:

I think the Best Times should be a national publication! All the articles are informative and well written. Old Man, I especially love your column because I am a collector of stuff. I look forward to Saturday morning because I’m out looking for stuff before the sun is up. Sometimes, I find a bargain! I think I found one last week. I paid $35 for this vase. Can you tell me anything about it?

antique nov


Dear RR

Thank You RR for your kind words and the photo of your vase. I think you are lucky. The next time you go yard sailing, please call me. I’ll go with you anytime. Your vase is 8¾ inches tall and 3 inches wide. It was made by Newcomb College New Orleans, La., about 1912 and is called a scenic vase. Great shape with excellent coloration. I can’t see any chips, cracks, damage or repair. The information from the bottom, with Newcomb’s logo, K, JM, and a cipher, tells me your vase was made from white clay (K), the potter was Joseph Meyer (JM) and the decorator was Henrietta Bailey. Newcomb is very collectible and has held its value while other collectible pottery has lost value. Fair Market Value is $2,900 +. Insurance replacement is $6,000 +.

Ed Tuten is the Executive Secretary of the New England Appraisers Association. He can be reached by phone 901-216-7070(cell) 901-758-2659 (land) or by mail 6973 Crestridge Road, Memphis, Tn. 38119

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