Dear Old Man:

I saw your article in The Best Times and was happy to see an appraiser. I have a collection of Lilliput and David Winter Cottages. I have been trying to find some information about them and how much they are worth. They are in perfect condition with deeds, letters of authenticity, boxes and wrapping. DS

Dear DS:

Thank you for your letter and for reading The Best Times. The values are values from eBay. eBay is not a preferred source for appraising value because the appraiser does not know if the buyer and seller are of equal knowledge or about the article being sold and how open the auction has been. Lilliput Lane started producing their miniature cottages in 1982, when David Tate, the founder, opened workshops at Skirsgill, in England’s Lake District, and the company has remained in the area ever since.

Collecting is for entertainment and not necessarily for making money. Values for many collectibles in the past five to 10 years have not done well. Many of the collectibles that were popular in the 80s and 90s have lost value. Lilliput and David Winter among them. I have selected several cottages from your list for inclusion in this article. Saddler Inn $15, Spring Bank $25, Dovecot $15 and Fisherman Cottage $30.

Ed Tuten is the executive secretary of the New England Appraisers Association. He can be reached by phone 901-216-7070 or 901-758-2659. His address is 6973 Crestridge Rd., Memphis, Tn 38119

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