As mentioned in our May issue, I had the pleasure of speaking to the monthly meeting of the Presbyterian Women at the First Presbyterian Church in Germantown.

A few days after speaking I received an email message from one of the ladies -- Beth Carter -- telling me she had just published her first novel and asking would I consider doing a book review.

She then told me her husband’s name and I have known Gray for many years. I agreed to read the book and would consider a book review. The next week at our Rotary Club, her husband brought me a copy of the “The Nest Keeper.”

book cover

Even though there is a personal connection to the author, I heartily endorse her first novel. The book is about a young lady, Susan Abbott, who lives in Germantown but is originally from the mountains of western North Carolina, where she grew up.

After getting married they moved to Germantown to peruse careers and raise a family. She becomes a very successful real estate sales person and that talent becomes a major part of the story.

Back in western North Carolina, her parents are charged with the responsibility of helping settle the estate of her uncle. He had been a professor at a local college and was famous for many of his scientific and very valuable discoveries.

Being the good daughter she decides to make a quick visit back home to see if she could speed up the settlement of her late uncle’s estate. The most famous lawyer in her home town has been engaged to probate the will and settle the estate. There seems to be little if any progress and upon digging into the lack of activity she uncovers a deep dark secret that leads to a major mystery, extortion, attempted murder, romance and much intrigue.

Her book is so well written that you will not want to put it down until you find out what happens to solve the mystery.

The book is available at Novel, Burkes Bookstore, Barnes and Noble, and Amazon. Pick up your copy and have a very enjoyable experience.

James K. Grubbs is publisher of The Best Times

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