After a few months away from writing my William’s Picks column, I am back to discuss the coronavirus.

Like many people I have talked with, I did not research or know much about the virus until March 11 Eight out of the 10 top headlines of my daily news source were about the coronavirus.

Discussed were where the virus is, economic impact and what measures other countries have been taking. Not one of the eight stories mentioned symptoms, what the coronavirus actually is, or shared recommended action from health officials.

I realized I was late to look into the topic and sought information from official sources. These are the picks that I want to share with you:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention -- the leading national public health institute in the United States. This organization is the cutting edge in detecting, researching and responding to new and emerging health threats. The CDC has a section on its website devoted to the disease.

You can find clear and concise information such as how to protect yourself, what to do if you think you are sick, tips to prepare your family. They also have information for leaders in the community, employers, school administration and healthcare professionals. You may be interested in their channel on Youtube to watch their daily briefing videos.

My next pick is the coronavirus page on Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine website. Similar to the CDC you will find information about the virus, how to protect yourself, daily updates and their interactive map.

This map follows the cases across the globe in a way that is easy to understand and grasp. You can view the map as either cumulative confirmed cases, or by active cases. Additionally you can zoom in on regions and see activity by countries or even individual states in the United States. If you enjoy podcasts, look for their “Public Health on Call” series.

My last pick to share is the University of Tennessee Health Science Center in Memphis. They have a section of their website devoted to the coronavirus -- -- where they have resources and information that is important for public knowledge. UTHSC acts as the lead public academic health care institution for Tennessee and coordinates local response with local health facilities and government agencies.

Because UTHSC has one of 12 federally funded labs capable of the study of dangerous pathogens, research is underway locally to help the global effort combat coronavirus. Make sure to continue watching UTHSC for local updates.

Bonus pick: Daily newsletter Morning Brew released their “Guide to Living your Best Quarantined Life” including advice on staying productive while working from home. Enjoy their guide mixed with a healthy dose of humor, consistent with the tone of their newsletters.

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