recently launched nationwide to include the top 100 metro markets in the country. The website was originally created for the Atlanta area in 2017.

There have been various types of websites similar to Funeralocity for other services, such as real estate, travel, automobiles, home maintenance and so on, where you can give specific information to find a product or service you would be interested in.

This website asks for your or your loved ones’ zip code to provide you with information of nearby funeral homes. This information includes, but is not limited to, distance from your location, reviews, maps to the location, photographs, services and itemized pricing of these services.

If you would like to know more about a local funeral home, you can use your name, phone number and email to contact the companies directly. This can protect both you and the companies and allow you to get in direct contact with the proper staff, while also limiting solicitation from unwanted companies. There is also an easy way to filter results by type of services and distance from your location.

General information is also available in the form of blog posts for ideas ranging from how to plan affordable funerals and tips to write a eulogy. If you have issues or questions, a live chat feature is just one click away. They are knowledgeable, prompt and friendly.

For those who work at a funeral home, consider creating an account to represent your company. You gain access with an email log in to ensure authenticity. Funeral directors can add or change photographs, video, descriptions, bullet point highlights and general price list for their company.

A similar company,, has been out for a few years. It works in a similar fashion but will ask for more information up front in order to direct you to more relevant funeral homes. To begin, input the zip code and select the correct neighborhood. Then answer five questions about the services you are interested in. This will give you a list of companies to investigate. A direct phone number for each funeral home is available on their page, along with a brief message, photos, reviews, price list, address, map and phone number. Parting has a portal for funeral home employees to manage data for their company page.

It is a mystery how these two companies have gathered information about funeral homes near you. When you begin to work with a funeral home the information and prices may vary from the websites.

If you or a family member has the sudden need to plan a funeral near or afar, there are tools to help you in times of need.

William Mitchum is the social media/website manager of The Best Times.

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