Sylvia Brydon-Stock

Our May book review is actually the review of three books by the same author, Sylvia Bryden-Stock.

It is her story about first discovering -- then living through --the many different stages of Alzheimer’s disease. The names of the books are “The Rocky road of Naught Neurons” followed by “The Rock Road of 24/7 Care” and “The Rocky Road to Peace and Purpose.”

Sylvia lives in England and we have developed an email friendship after reading her story about her husband and his journey with the dreaded Alzheimer’s disease.

Sylvia and Brian had been friends for many years and finally decided to get married just about the time they discovered Bryan had early signs of Alzheimer’s.

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The first book carries you through the many signs and symptoms of the disease up to the point that he needs professional care and is admitted to what they call a care home -- we say assisted living -- up to the point that he needs to be transferred to the Alzheimer’s unit.

The second book covers the further signs and symptoms that one goes through up to the end of life.

And the third book is an inspirational book about how a spouse or a family friend can choose to live during the difficult time and afterwards.

Each of the three books is written in the first person giving you real information to help one understand what the patient is going through.

If you know someone who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s you should consider purchasing the three books and giving them to that person to help them understand what to expect and how to deal with the many changes as positively as possible.

There have been many books written about Alzheimer’s disease but I have not read one that was so easy to understand and provide real help and understanding as these three books.

They are available from Amazon Prime for $11.99 each in paper back or on your Kindle device for $2.99.

When you give a copy to your friend or relative you will be doing them a big favor.

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