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If you would like to read a book that will hold your interest throughout the entire book, then “A Murder in Music City” by Michael Bishop is for you. This book is so interesting we hope that Hollywood will produce a movie based on this true story.

The book features corruption, scandal and the framing of an innocent man.

This story started in Nashville in 1964 when an 18-year-old student at the University of Tennessee came home for the weekend and babysat her little brother. She was murdered while at home and her 6-year-old brother slept through the grisly event.

The book points out compelling evidence that a circle of powerful politicians in Nashville were key participants in the crime and then the coverup. It included the Nashville mayor, chief of police and a judge and several other prominent citizens. The judge’s son is falsely accused and sent to prison.

Years later, the author uncovers some secret evidence not brought out in the trial. Now, for the first time the author reveals the true story of corruption, scandals and the framing of an innocent man.

The book is available on Amazon.

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