Dear Old Man: I enjoy reading your articles and was wondering if you could give me some values for my windup Easter toys. I have had them since I was a child. VP

Dear VP: Your toys are collectible and, if in good to excellent condition, valuable. American and German toys are usually more valuable than those of Japan, China or Hong Kong.

Duck one

The Chick. It is USA and made by the Chein Company in 1930-1940s. Fair market value $35 to $55.

Duck two

The two Chicks in a basket. These were made in Japan about 1950-1960. This type of toy is dependent on condition and can be pricey $65-$100.

Walking Chicken pulling egg. These were made in China in 1950-1960. The value is $55-$65.

Duck three

Musical eggs. You did not say where any of these were made and you did not mention condition. Musical eggs were made in Germany and the US. The German ones can run to more than $100 each. The lithography on yours points me to the USA, so I’m going to give the fair market value at a $35-$55.

Duck four

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This Old Man, Ed Tuten, can be contacted at 758-2659. His office is at 6973 Crestridge Dr., Memphis 38119.

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